Saturday, November 19, 2005

karl's famous tofu

this blog was created soley for this recipe. but i do often need a place to post my favorite recipes for others to read, so it will be used beyond this one.

for the record, my 3 year old son (tristan) chose the name Garlic Pimpernel. you see, he's convinced that it is the name of a certain miniseries we've been watching.

a box of firm tofu, either handmade or storebought. Trader Joe's sells nice organic tofu.
soysauce of choice. we love Yamasa.
1/2 a cup whole wheat pastry flour.
1/2 cup dry hummus mix. we prefer Ali's Bazaar, but Fantastic Foods makes some, too!
1/4 cup grapeseed oil

drain tofu, cut in half, then in halves again, and again- 8 slices roughly the size of a business card.

return to box it came in. or a dish about that size. add soy sauce to cover and coat. let sit about 30 minutes, not more than 4 hours.

put both flour and hummus mix on a plate and blend with a fork. heat the oil in a cast iron or other large skillet. lightly bread tofu slices by setting them in the mix, patting them, flipping them. once the oil is nice and hot (a drop of water flicked onto it bounces in the air) gently set the tofus down in the pan. cook undisturbed until browned a bit. the time this takes depends on the heat of the pan: a few minutes.

once browned on the first side, use a spatula to flip them.

after the second side is browned nicely, remove the tofu to a plate. eat hot or cold, alone or on sandywiches. feed to small children. rejoice.


Blogger karl said...

if you shuffle the tofu so that like-cut sides don't face each other it will create gaps for the the marinade to penetrate to each slice better

3:18 AM  

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